Internet truthers can't stop till they get enough of new rumour that Michael Jackson lives

The King of Pop, reported dead in 2009, may or may not have made an appearance on Instagram

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson as a zombie in the video to his smash-hit single 'Thriller' [Pixabay]

When cultural icons pass away, their fans and ongoing fandom can result in decades of speculation over whether they truly died or not. Tupac, Jim Morrison, Andy Kaufman,  and Elvis Presley have long been rumoured to have not entirely shuffled off this mortal coil, while Paul McCartney is actually supposed to have died at some point in the 60s, replaced by an imposter. And now conspiracy theorists have waded in on a new cover-up, believing that the late Michael Jackson is actually alive and well and made of a pile of clothes in the back of a car.

The rumour mill started churning in May, when the King of Pop’s daughter Paris posted a photograph on Instagram of her seated in a car. In the background, a dark mound of something, topped with a headrest on the top of the car seat, has been confused with her father.

A video on YouTube has now turned speculation into a masterful piece of editing, zooming in until the darkness eventually reveals itself to be Michael Jackson’s face. The video, posted by a Jackson truther by the name of Believe, has racked up nearly a million views.

Michael Jackson was 50 when he died in 2009, shortly before he was scheduled to launch a comeback with a series of concerts in London’s 02 Arena. His death was linked to the incorrect use of medications, with his personal physician, Conrad Murray, ultimately serving two years in prison after being convicted of involuntary manslaughter.

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