Conflicting claims over martial law

The GRA claim they were told marial law would be implemented if deal not agreed

Conflicting claims over martial law

Taoiseach Enda Kenny | Image:

There have been conflicting reports coming from the Garda Representative Association and the Taoiseach regarding the implementation of martial law if Gardaí were to go on strike.

The Garda Representative Association says it was threatened with bringing the army onto the streets if they went ahead with their strike.

The group which represents the largest cohort of Gardaí says they were told in last week's labour court talks that Marshall law would be implemented if they didn't agree to a deal.

The GRA is warning that the 11th hour agreement on pay won't necessarily be passed in a ballot of its members.

The Taoiseach categorically denied on Friday that the martial Law threat was made when he said: "Let me assure you and confirm to you that the question of martial law i.e. the army being on the streets of this country, was never contemplated and never raised."

However these claims have been contradicted by former GRA President Damien McCarthy who was at the meeting. He said: "We were told martial law most certainly was mentioned at a meeting. It certainly came out of the blue," he added.