Christmas card addressed simply to 'England' arrives at correct destination

Even Royal Mail was impressed by its own sorting ability

Christmas card addressed simply to 'England' arrives at correct destination

A Royal Mail post box in Bristol. (en Birchall / PA Archive)

A Christmas card with no destination other than 'England' written on its envelope found its way from Germany to the intended destination.

Paul Biggs, from Longlevens in Gloustershire, was shocked when his postman handed it to him, asking Biggs if he was expecting anything from Germany.

"I can't believe it - it's eerie - it's just got 'England' and sent from a sorting office in Bitburg," he told the BBC.

"My wife and I are absolutely shocked but this puts posties at five or six stars and top of the tree for me this Christmas," he added.

Biggs says he has a number of friends in Germany, and that the letter was sent on Monday and reached him by Wednesday.

It may not be the Christmas miracle it appears however, as there is some speculation that the envelope may have had a correct address label at some point but that it fell off en route.

A Royal Mail spokesman said: "Royal Mail's team of 'address detectives' are renowned for their ability to ensure poorly addressed items of mail reach their intended recipients however, even by their standards, this is pretty impressive."