China threatens to stop buying iPhones and US cars if Trump boosts tarrifs

Redrawing trade agreements between the US and China has been one of Mr Trump's central promises...

US President-elect Donald Trump has been warned that any moves to curb trade between the US and China will be met with stiff resistance.

An editorial in a newspaper controlled by the country's Communist Party says that he would be a 'naive fool' to start a potential trade war with the state.

"If Trump wrecks Sino-US trade, a number of US industries will be impaired. Finally the new president will be condemned for his recklessness, ignorance and incompetence," the paper states.


It adds that any measures which hurt Chinese interests will be met by 'countermeasures.'

"China will take a tit-for-tat approach then. A batch of Boeing orders will be replaced by Airbus. US auto and iPhone sales in China will suffer a setback, and US soybean and maize imports will be halted. China can also limit the number of Chinese students studying in the US," the article warns.

During the campaign Mr Trump called for China to be classified as a "currency manipulator" - he also accused the country of carrying out "the greatest theft in the history of the world" through trade deals.

He has threatened to put a 45% tariff on Chinese goods.

However, it remains unclear how many of Trump's campaign promises will be followed-through on.

Chinese president Xi Jinping and Mr Trump have exchanged a phone call since the republican's victory - and Trump's staff released a statement saying that it was a positive encounter:

"During the call, the leaders established a clear sense of mutual respect for one another, and President-elect Trump stated that he believes the two leaders will have one of the strongest relationships for both countries moving forward," it read.