Children's hospital expected to be finished by 2020

CEO of the Children's Hospital Group defends St. James's site

The new children's hospital based at St. James's is expected to be complete in 2020.

Eilish Hardiman, CEO of the Children's Hospital Group and John Pollock, project director with NPHDB made the statement at the Joint Oireachtas Committee Meeting this morning.

Recommendations for appointment of contractors will be made in December of this year and subject to government approval, contracts will be awarded in January of next year.

The construction of the Paediatric Outpatients Department and Urgent Care Centres is scheduled to be complete in 2018, while construction of the children’s hospital is scheduled to be finished in 2020.

Hardiman continues to support the hospital's location, saying that "as the largest and leading adult teaching hospital .. it offers unparalleled opportunities between its research facilities and in the new Children’s Research and Innovation Centre – which will drive clinical advancements and improved clinical outcomes".

Jonathan Irwin, CEO of children's charity The Jack & Jill Foundation criticised the Health Committee this morning, saying the charity was being "locked out" of discussions.

"If I was going to have a review about a children's hospital, I think that I would be very critical as why I had left out the greatest source of information," he said.

"Surely the object is to arrive at a situation where all our elected representatives have a very clear idea of how the parents feel, rather than how the politicians feel."