Can visualising your stress help you combat it?

Irish company Galvanic has produced a device called "The Pip" which is designed to help beat stress

The Pip is a small device, slightly larger than a guitar plec that seeks to help those of us living busy day-to-day lives manage our stress levels. The device illustrates the stress the user feels, as they are feeling it.

By pinching the Pip between the thumb and index finger, the device detects electrodermal activity, a validated indicator of stress, and uses biofeedback to teach the user how to recognise stress and work towards a life without it.

The Pip device connect to both iOS and Android devices via three applications. Users can learn to fight their stress through a number of games and analysing stats which are illustrated in an understandable way. 

The Pip was launched in 2014 following a successful Kickstarter campaign. More than 30 research institutions and organisations around the world are incorporating Pip into research studies into stress management.

The Pip device is available to buy on and for €179.