Can running actually improve your sex life?

Operation Transformation's Karl Henry talks about some of the surprising benefits of running

Can running actually improve your sex life?

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We all know the health benefits of running and how it keeps you fit and in shape, but there are a number of surprising benefits that we may not be aware of.

As well as improving your confidence and athleticism, running can also improve your sex life.  

Speaking on Alive and Kicking this morning, personal trainer Karl Henry spoke about some of the benefits of running that we're less familiar with

He said that "if you run frequently it means you have more muscle, less body fat and aerobically you are a lot fitter. All of these factors actually improve your sex life"

He also said that running boosts self-esteem, and that people who exercise actually feel more desirable and confident in the bedroom.

According to Karl, on a more scientific level running also boosts endorphins and releases dopamine which lifts our mood. 

It also reduce stress levels which again positively impacts on your sex life. So if you are less stressed it makes you a better person to be around and a better partner.  

Vigorous exercise 

He said in general runners are more confident and have that spark to them, before adding "if you go for lunch with someone who just came in from a run they look radiant."

The most important thing about running though, is how much you put into it, as Karl said: "you've to go to move vigorously-that's the key thing. Your stroll to work isn't actually exercise unless you're vigorously out of breath. that's where the benefits kick in."  

He also said that being a runner makes you a better thinker, saying that "running becomes an outlet for stress," before adding "you think clearer and deal with stress better after a run."