Calls for Barry's Tea to remove plastic from its teabags

Lisa Quinn claims the teabags contain 20% polypropylene

Calls for Barry's Tea to remove plastic from its teabags

Image: Instagram/barrysteagram

An online petition is calling on Barry's Tea to remove plastic from its teabags.

Campaigner Lisa Quinn claims the company's teabags are not 100% compostable - containing 20% polypropylene.

In her petition, she writes: "This really disappoints me as a long-term loyal Barry's tea drinker.

"Other teabag manufacturers are able to construct fully compostable teabags, so why can't Barry's?

"Too often the onus is on the consumer to protect the environment.

"I believe that corporations also need to step up and do their part. We don't need anymore unnecessary plastics in the world."

She adds: "This petition asks Barry's to change their teabags to make them compostable. A small change that can make a big difference".

It comes as British rival PG Tips have recently made changes to the way they make teabags.

It is removing the plastic from all its teabags by the end of the year, after more than 200,000 people signed an online petition there.

Barry’s Tea was founded in 1901 by James J Barry, grandfather of its current chairman, Peter Barry.

The Irish tea market is worth an estimated €85m, with Barry's accounting for 38% of all tea value sales in Ireland.

The company employs 65 people, and sells tea to over 60 countries through its online shop.