CCTV and drones to be used to tackle illegal dumping

Some €650,000 is being given towards the scheme

CCTV and drones to be used to tackle illegal dumping

Illegally dumped household waste on Cork Street in Dublin | Image:

Extra funds and resources are to be given to local authorities to crackdown on illegal dumping.

This will include the use of covert surveillance and smart technology - such as aerial imagery from drones and satellites, as well as the installation of CCTV cameras.

Environment Minister Denis Naughten is providing €650,000 for the scheme, which the department say this is due to "unprecedented demand".

Minister Naughten launched a major anti-illegal dumping initiative (ADI) in March.

Due to the response from local authorities and communities to the initial call for applications, Minister Naughten is providing extra funding to support a second phase of the initiative with immediate effect.

Eighty-five projects have been approved for funding, under the first phase of the ADI, from every county in the State.

Illegally dumped household waste outside St Teresa's Gardens flats in Dublin | Image:

There was a total of 111 applications. A range of clean-up and restorative projects have also been approved.

Mr Naughten told Newstalk Breakfast enforcement took a back seat during the recession.

"In the last number of years there has been slippage in relation to illegal dumping, probably because the resources in relation to enforcement haven't been put in place during the recession in this country.

"So what we're trying to now is to ramp up resources in this area - not just in relation to enforcement - but working with the communities across the country where they're prepared, working with local authorities, to clean up particular blackspots we're prepared to assist them".

"What we're trying to do now is not just do education at school level, but in communities - and part of this funding is involved in raising awareness".

Further information on the anti-dumping initiative is available from the Waste Enforcement Regional Lead Authorities and from the environment section of each local authority.