Buzzfeed plans to split news and entertainment

The site has video at the center of all of its future plans

Buzzfeed plans to split news and entertainment

William B. Plowman / AP

Buzzfeed is set to divide itself into two divisions, one for entertainment and one for news as the company hopes to stay ahead of the competition by pouring resources into video content.

The two entities will be Buzzfeed News and the BuzzFeed Entertainment Group. News, health, and video will form a new office.

The site came to prominence by becoming a leader in 'listicles' and highly shareable viral content but it has been building up its news output, by headhunting reporters and scoring major exclusives such as it's lifting the lid on a major tennis match-fixing scandal.

It has also become a go-to site for young readers seeking 'long reads' and off-beat feature articles.

"Having a single ‘video department’ in 2016 makes about as much sense as having a ‘mobile department’ ... Instead of organizing around a format or technology, we will organize our work to take full advantage of many formats and technologies," BuzzFeed CEO Jonah Peretti said in a memo seen by The Hive.

"We are in a position to build the number one global news brand for a new generation who consume news differently than their parents, but care passionately about what is happening in a quickly-changing world," the messge continued.

This move comes after the company reportedly fell shy of its revenue targets so far in 2016 - the site has refuted these claims.