Burning Issues

On this week's program

Ireland has made great strides in improving the quality of life for LGBT people in 2015 with the Marriage Act and the Gender Recognition Act. However the question remains, do LGBT people feel they can live authentic lives? The Burning Issues 2 report is based on a national survey of over 2,600 LGBT people and ten nationwide focus groups in seven cities and towns across the Republic of Ireland, which were conducted in Spring 2016.

To discuss this Dil is joined by,

Ciaran Ó hUltacháin, Vice Chair of the National LGBT Federation

and Anne Marie Toole, Clinical Director of Insight Matters


People have been immigrating for centuries; and although the method of transport has got easier, stricter immigration control has made relocation far more difficult. The journey of a migrant does not end when they arrive on the shores of their new home. Those who do succeed in immigrating often face a challenging settlement process which involves poverty, isolation, loss of social status, insecurity of immigration status, discrimination and racism.

Navigating the Irish immigration system is incredibly challenging and stressful. One organization that provides assistance and legal representation to individuals regarding their immigration status is the Immigrant Council of Ireland.

Dil talks about this with,

Catherine Cosgrave, Legal Services Manager with the Immigrant Council of Ireland


The Race Around Ireland is an exhausting 2,150km bicycle trek. Tomorrow morning two incredible women, Nikki Dorey and Lisa Jacob, will begin their attempt at this grueling race; the first time an all-female duo will attempt do so. This isn’t just about the race though and the women are raising funds and awareness for Suicide or Survive.

Joining Dil to talk about this are,

Nikki Dorey, an Aer Lingus pilot and competitive triathlete

and Lisa Jacob, a former hockey player who represented Ireland internationally 139 times