Bullying ever-present factor in people quitting their jobs

Dublin based study investigated workplace bullying

A study's found that workplace bullying was a factor in virtually every appeal taken under Unfair Dismissals Act.

The research by the National Anti-Bullying Centre at DCU looked at cases taken over the last two years to the Employment Appeals Tribunal.

In many of the cases, the complainant felt forced to quit their job because they were being bullied by a colleague or manager.

Dr James O'Higgins from the National Anti-Bullying Centre says companies should have policies in place to deal with such issues, and believes that anti-bullying policies benefit everyone.

“Only 29% of the companies that had cases brought against them had policies and procedures in place and those companies that did have policies and procedures in place were less likely to have an award made against them," Mr O'Higgins said.

“So the message I suppose from this research would be that it is in the company’s interest as well as the employees interest and everybody else’s interest.”