Bruton says any offences discovered in Panama Papers will be "vigorously prosecuted"

Acting Minister Bruton says it is currently unknown whether there are any breaches of Irish law identified in the documents

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Richard Bruton. Image:

The Acting Jobs and Enterprise Minister says anyone found to be evading tax will be prosecuted.

Richard Bruton was speaking after it emerged that more than 300 companies with links to Ireland are mentioned in the the biggest ever leak of financial information.

The details from a law firm in Panama have exposed the offshore holdings of some of the world's most prominent politicians, celebrities and sport stars.

Among the revelations is a network of secret deals and loans which apparently leads to Russian President Vladimir Putin

The papers also link a company registered in Dublin to the international arms trade, The Irish Times reported.

The full list of companies and people linked to the Panama-headquartered Mossack Fonseca will be listed in early May, according to the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists.

Minister Bruton says if there is any evidence of wrongdoing, it will will be dealt with.

"Obviously if there are offences of Irish law discovered in this, you can be absolutely sure they will be vigorously prosecuted - but at this point we don't know that," he said. 

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