Minister begins process to find national broadband provider

The successful firm will be given a 25-year contract

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The Communications Minister Alex White has officially started looking for a firm to supply 100% broadband cover in Ireland by the year 2020.

Within five years it is hoped to have high speed internet connection throughout the country.

The successful firm will be given a 25-year contract.

The Government has allocated €275m in initial capital for the first one to six years of the the contract.

The minister noted that while most of the strategy was outlined in the July consultation, a number of changes have been introduced.

This includes moving from a 20 to a 25 year contract, a two-lot rather than three-lot approach to procurement - and a reduction in the number of ownership options from five to two.

It is estimated that 1.2 million homes and businesses have access to high speed broadband today, with 1.6 million to have access this time next year.