Brexit causes spike in online searches for Irish jobs

Not only are British workers considering a move, but Europeans across the board...

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There was a massive spike in online job searches for Ireland within hours of the UK voting to leave the European Union, recruitment website Indeed has revealed.

Meanwhile, in the 100 days following the referendum result in June, there has been a 20% rise on average in searches for work in Ireland.

Indeed's data shows that this is almost three times the average increase for the rest of the EU. Other notable jumps in British searches were experienced for Australia (13%), Canada (10%) and Germany (9%).

The recruitment website says one of the main reasons job hunters are predominantly choosing Ireland, however, is because the country will now be the only English-speaking member of the EU.

According to Indeed spokesperson Mariano Mamertino, not only are British people looking to Ireland, but searches from Europe are also up "across the board".

While there was an initial massive peak in search in the 24 hours following the Brexit result, the interest still "remains elevated" today.

He said:

"We see that in the day after, traffic from other European countries starts to pick up. This is something that, of course, maybe at the beginning was driven by emotional responses from [jobseekers].

"But now we're a full three months from the vote, it is very possible that this is a signal that people might not be as confident in the prospects of the British labour market anymore."

Calling Ireland "well-placed as a possible destination for talent", he noted that there had been particular interest in the financial services and IT sectors.

Indeed is one of the most visited recruitment sites in the world, used by over 180 million people every month.