Almost 90% of Irish people want Britain to stay in the EU

The UK goes to the polls in the Brexit referendum on June 23rd

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The the flag of the United Kingdom flies alongside the European and Irish Republic flag on a building in Sligo Insititute of Technology | Image: Potocall Ireland

Some 86% of Irish people surveyed in a new poll believe Britain should stay in the European Union.

The Red C poll, commissioned by European Movement Ireland, comes just under a month before the United Kingdom's referendum on EU membership.

The poll also suggests that an increasing number - 81% - believe Ireland should remain as part of the EU, regardless of the UK's position.

For the first time in a poll, Irish people were asked if they think the UK should remain in the EU - with more than four out of five (86%) of those polled saying that the UK should stay.

While 87% of adults polled believe Ireland has, on balance, benefited from membership of the EU.

Image: European Movement Ireland

These figures are higher than those in a similar polls carried out in 2013, when 83% agreed that Ireland had benefited and in 2015, when 84% agreed.

The poll which was carried out among 1,015 people between May 9th and 11th 2016.

It also showed that support for EU membership is highest in Connacht-Ulster at 96%.

And while 86% of Irish people think the UK should remain in the EU, this rises to 92% for young people.