Over 60% of people say the EU is more important to Ireland than the UK

If a referendum were held in Ireland, 80% say they would vote remain

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The British Union Jack flies alongside the Irish Tricolour in front of Government Buildings. Image: RollingNews.ie

A new poll on Irish attitudes towards a British exit of the European Union shows a majority here feel Europe is more important to Ireland than the UK.

The first national poll of Irish sentiment post-Brexit vote also shows most believe an exit will negatively impact on the economy.

The poll finds that 56% said it will have a negative effect, 30% believe Brexit is an opportunity for Ireland, with 45% seeing it as a threat.

When asked who is more important to Ireland, 62% said Europe, 25% UK, with 13% undecided.

While an overwhelming majority - 86% - are against border controls between the north and south.

Some 36% said they are more likely to shop across the border or in the UK, and 60% say it makes no difference to their shopping habits.

Source: PR360/Amárach Research

And 33% believe a UK exit from the EU makes a united Ireland more likely - 14% say it is less likely, with 39% saying it makes no difference.

Irish attitudes towards Europe were positive, with 77% seeing Ireland's membership of the EU as a good thing.

If a referendum on EU membership were held in Ireland, 80% would vote remain, 13% leave with 7% undecided.

Similar to the UK, there is a notable difference in attitudes between younger and older people - with 18-24 year olds more pro-European than those over-55.

The poll was commissioned by public relations firm PR360, and was undertaken on Wednesday this week by Amárach Research.

It measured Brexit sentiment among a representative sample of 1,000 people living in Ireland.