Breda Kevane's brother speaks out about his sister's death and the hospital bed shortage

Teenager who got hospital bed after #Bed4Breda campaign dies

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Breda Kevane | Image: Facebook/Share A Dream Foundation

A teenager whose family had to lobby for a hospital bed for her has died.

Breda Kevane was assigned a bed in Cork so she could undergo a vital procedure on her airways, after her family took her plight to The Right Hook here on Newstalk.

She earlier was placed in an induced coma in Kerry University Hospital awaiting a hospital bed in Cork or Limerick.

Her brother Paddy Kevane told Newstalk at the time that the issue was that every hospital is over-flowing "and she can't get a bed".

"The issue at the moment is that every hospital is over flowing and she can't get a bed. If she stays in Kerry for another two or three days the most likely outcome is that she'll die", he said on March 30th.

Breda (19) got a bed in Cork the next day, after a #Bed4Breda appeal on social media.

It is understood that Breda was "conscious and aware" on April 6th, but she sadly passed away yesterday.

"Just received news that Breda Kevane died this morning. Her plight moved me and sad that we could not do more", George said.

Speaking to The Right Hook, Breda's brother Paddy Kevane talked about his sister's situation.

"A couple of weeks ago, Breda was in an ICU in Kerry University Hospital, and it was overflowing into the ICU units. And they didn't have the equipment or specialist care that Breda needed because of cut backs. And we needed it in Cork, and then we had issues with Cork because there were no beds available. [...] And we felt we had to go public, because we had to do everything we could, we had to go public, and we're happy we did do it, because at least now we know we did everything we could, and we won't be left wondering 'What if?", because we know we did everything."

"I know that by going public, we got three or four extra weeks with her, and they were vital weeks with her, and I'm very grateful for that."

"Breda was an absolute fighter. She'd put McGregor to shame for the fighting that she did. The doctors couldn't get over her, even in her final hours. [...] She died in my arms in the bed, and I'm delighted that she didn't have to go on her own."

"I think if I had got Breda the help a bit sooner, things might not have gone the way they did, I honestly don't know. I feel that A&E was an issue, there were trolleys all over the hospital in Tralee, and she couldn't get in there, and that is maybe one question I have now, is that maybe if she had got in there, she might have been okay, I don't know."

"These hospitals asked for €15.5 million for the ICU beds, and were told they couldn't get it. But there's going to be another €40 million for another election, no problem."

"Whoever goes into government, might have a bit of cop on. People can move into a house, people can get water, people can do everything, but people can't come out of their grave. And healthy should be priority one."

"I hope she'll be a beacon of light for the health system, that it gets better, and that no family has to go through this again."