'Bird Box challenge' leads to car crash in US

The challenge sees people blindfolding themselves like the characters in the hit Netflix film

'Bird Box challenge' leads to car crash in US

Image: Layton Police

A driver in the US has crashed her car while attempting to take part in the so-called 'Bird Box challenge'.

Bird Box, the post-apocalyptic drama released by Netflix last month, features mysterious supernatural entities that can cause anyone who looks at them to kill themselves.

In the film, characters are shown attempting to navigate the world blindfolded so they can avoid the creatures.

The film - which Netflix says was watched by 45 million accounts in the first week alone - has spawned the 'Bird Box challenge' on social media.

It involves people attempting to carry out everyday activities while blindfolded like characters in the movie.

Netflix has previously urged people to avoid hurting themselves by taking part in the challenge.

Now, police in the state of Utah say a car crash has been caused as the result of a teenager taking part in the challenge.

According to CNN, a 17-year-old girl in the city of Layton lost control of her car after pulling a beanie over her eyes.

Lt Travis Lyman, chief of Layton Police, said "luckily" there were no injuries.

He added that he never thought he would have to warn the public not to drive while blindfolded.