Bill-pay or Pay As You Go: Where does the value lie?

A closer look at your options...

It's hard for many of us to imagine life without our phones. While they are incredibly useful, they can be rather costly. There is value to be had, however, you just need to look for it! 

There are a number of issues you need to consider before you decide which mobile network to go with. These are:

  • Coverage: Does the network have strong coverage where you live and work?
  • Usage: What matters most to you? Calls, texts or data?
  • Phone: Do you want to have a fancy phone that will cost you extra, or are you happy to pay less for a less-flashy device?
  • Budget: As with most things in life, money matters in terms of your mobile phone plan. There are some amazing deals available for those who don't want to spend crazy money each month. 

Once you've answered those questions, you have the following options. You can Pay As You Go, avail of a 30-day rolling contract or sign up to bill plan.  

Pay As You Go 

'Pay As You Go' is a contract-free option for users on a particular network. This involves buying credit and there are a number of deals available to consumers who top up by certain amounts each month. What's nice about PAYG is that you can leave a network at any stage. 

It's worth noting that if you avail of this option, you are not entitled to a discount or deal on a handset. 

Here's a brief guide to the best value available from each of the major mobile networks on PAYG.

Other offers are available from each of the networks. 

Rolling Contracts 

Rolling Contracts often offer greater value than the Pay As You Go, but involve longer commitment period. After 30-days, users can move networks if they wish. Here are two of the best rolling contract offers available at the moment. 

Vodafone offers users a €30 30 day rolling contract, called RED 30 day. This offers unlimited calls and texts to any network and 5GB of data. 

Tesco Mobile offers a €25 option, called Unlimited 30day. This offers unlimited calls and texts, with 20GB of data. 

Bill Pay

This is where things get interesting!  

Networks offer a host of deals to entice customers to sign up for lengthy contracts, in exchange for money off a high-end smartphone. It's worth pointing out that the people behind mobile networks are smart people. If you get a smartphone at a cheaper price by signing up to an 18 or 24-month contract, you can be sure that you are paying out the money you saved in the long-run.  

If you're willing to sign up to a long contract in exchange for a cheaper phone, decide how much you are willing to pay monthly. Do not allow a mobile network to 'upsell' you. This is when a sales rep will attempt to offer you a higher bill than you need to offset the cost of the device. There may also be talk of cinema tickets or Spotify subscriptions, but don't let that get in the way of finding the right bill plan for you. 

While it may sting at the time, you are better off paying more for the phone and having a cheaper bill on an on-going basis.  

This website will help identify what plans suits your monthly needs.