Bill Clinton holds first solo event as part of his wife Hillary's presidential campaign

Meanwhile, Hillary was heckled over husband's alleged sexual impropriety

The former two-term U.S. president Bill Clinton has held his first solo event in support of his wife Hillary.

He's been speaking at a rally in the key state of New Hampshire.

Hillary Clinton is the frontrunner to get the Democratic nomination to run for US President.

The former president thinks she's the best candidate for the White House:

Meanwhile, on Sunday, the presidential hopeful was fielding questions in Derby, New Hampshire, when a state representative began shouting questions regarding Bill Clinton's alleged sexual assaults.

Katherine Prudhomme O'Brien stated afterwards that she was trying to ask about Hillary's husband's sexual impropriety decades ago.

Initially, Mrs. Clinton ignored the questions, but during a lull in the program, O'Brien launched into the line of questioning again, to which the presidential candidate responded: "You are very rude, and I'm not ever going to call on you. Thank you."