Beyond 140 - Twitter may be removing that character limit for tweets

It's a new dawn

It's being reported that Twitter is set to remove its 140 character limit for tweets.

The tech website 'Re/code' reports that a new feature - possibly due around March - would allow Twitterers to use up to 10 thousand characters.

It means tweets would appear as they do now, with 140 characters visible, and you could click through for more information.

Critics claim that if tweets take up more screen space, users will engage with fewer, and it might turn people off.

However, Slate is reporting that people may just see the same product as usual despite an increase in characters. According to them, it may mean that 'Beyond 140' essentially means that users will stop linking to other sites for longer stories.

Twitter has declined to comment on the move, which has been nicknamed 'beyond 140'.

Our tech correspondent Jessica Kelly stated: "I think it's a bad idea. There are so many other platforms upon which people can post longer thoughts. Jack Dorsey's line about people using screenshots etc. is valid, but that's part of the charm of Twitter. A lot of people stopped using Facebook, or, at least, reduced their activity on the platform when they started to make too many changes.

"One of the biggest appeals of Twitter is that you can get the gist of something instantly. That'll change if the character count is increased."

Twitter’s share price fell 3% to $21.89 last night after the plans to consider increasing the limit were reported.

The micro-blogging platform has been under pressure to show that it can make the site more accessible for new users and for advertisers as new customer growth has slowed significantly compared to Facebook in recent years.

Last night's reports have added to the confusion surrounding the direction which Twitter will take as it responds to changes in the social media landscape.