WATCH: Bear family of five dash across road in the US

Catching five bears out in the open is quite rare

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Image: Facebook/Betsy Hollis Walker

If you go down to the woods today, you might find these guys.

A group of black bears were caught on camera running across a road in North Carolina.

According to Betsy Hollis-Walker - who posed the video on Facebook - it was captured by her friend, Lesley Weaver-Platek.

She writes: "My friend Lesley Weaver Platek captured this a few hours ago in Banner Elk. We have had a bear visitor in our yard, but nothing as exciting as this! Gotta love Mountain Life!".

While single bears might be frequent occurrences in the region, it is rare to catch five of them out in the open.

According to the North Carolina Wildlife Resource Commission, black bears are extremely common in the mountain and coastal regions of the state.