Average of six learner drivers a day receiving penalty points for driving unaccompanied

Unaccompanied drivers face receiving two penalty points, or four on conviction

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Image: PA / PA Archive/Press Association Images

Around six learner drivers a day are getting penalty points for driving unaccompanied, new figures suggest.

The Irish Examiner reports that more than 3,000 learner drivers have been caught driving alone since changes introduced in December 2014.

Almost 900 drivers have been penalised in the first four months of this year.

More than 1,500 learner drivers have also been given penalty points for failing to display their L-plate.

Under current rules, learner drivers must be accompanied by a passenger who has held a full licence for a continuous period of two years.

Unaccompanied drivers face receiving two penalty points (or four on conviction) as well as an €80 fine.

The Examiner also reports that 148 novice drivers received penalty points for failing to display their N-plates - which newly qualified drivers must display for two years after gaining their full licence.

Earlier this month, motorists who use mobile phones while driving were being warned of a major clampdown by gardaí.

An average of 76 people per day were detected using a phone while driving last year.