Are you paying too much for your mobile phone bill?

This handy tool will help you find a better deal

Are you paying too much for your mobile phone bill?

Image credit: @jesskellynt

Are you a talker, texter or data-lover? How much do you spend on your phone bill every month? Have you shopped around for a better deal?

These are important questions every mobile phone user should ask themselves once a year. It's very easy to get reeled in by snazzy ads and limited-time offers, but new research carried out for Virgin Media shows that 81% of Irish adults feel they are being ripped off by mobile phone networks. 

If you want to see what deals are out there, but can't muster up the energy to call each network individually, you can click through to Com-Reg's very useful price comparison tool. 

There are options for broadband, mobile phone, home phone, roaming and package deals. Clicking on the mobile option will pull up a questionnaire that will help identify the best plan for you. 

You can call your provider to get a better idea of what your usage is or you can often find this information on your online accounts or on your monthly bills.

Once the information is inserted, results will be presented in a very handy table.

If you find a plan that offers a better deal, based upon your usage you can then make tracks to move, once your current contract has ended.