Apple may drop software support for iPhone 5

The phone was first unveiled in September 2012


Apple has published a list of devices that are in line for the next iOS update, 10.3.2. Notably missing from the list are the iPhone 5 and 5C. 

The iPhone 5 was first unveiled in September 2012. While the phone is no longer sold, it is still a popular device with users. Apple Insider suggests that the lack of iPhone 5 on the list could mean the firm may cut support for the devices this year. Discontinuing the support would leave iPhone 5 owners vulnerable to security glitches and bugs. 



It's thought the reason for this could be due to the internal A6 system-on-chip. The iPhone 5 was one of the last pieces of Apple's hardware to use a 32-bit architecture. Apple made the move to 64-bit thereafter. 

Apple has yet to officially comment on the issue. It's worth noting, however, the iOS 10.3 update was available to iPhone 5 users.