Appeal for calm after disturbances in Belfast

Bricks and petrol bombs were thrown on Monday

Appeal for calm after disturbances in Belfast

A parked car set alight by youths burns on Stewart Street in Belfast | Image: David Young/PA Wire/PA Images

Police have called for calm after officers were attacked and cars torched by a group of young people in masks in Belfast.

The violence in the mostly nationalist Markets area came after wood from a republican bonfire was removed by the council yesterday.

Some residents say it should have been left there, as recent loyalist bonfires were left un-touched by authorities.

Petrol bombs, bricks and bottles were thrown and a derelict building was also set alight.

The PSNI helicopter was also brought in to assist in the operation.

This man says he understands the young people's frustrations.

"They took the bonfire pellets for the kids off the Market's area... It's a waste ground, it's not near houses.

"They're just being evil and they want to come in - so if they want to come in whatever happens happens, it is what it is".

This woman disagrees: "It's an absolute disgrace, there's no call for it whatsoever.

"These young people should be doing other activities that have been provided by the local community for them instead of this - there's no call for it at all".