Apology and Clarification

Lunchtime Live on Newstalk

In a broadcast, in the ‘Health Matters’ segment of Dr Ciara Kelly’s Lunchtime programme of the 2nd February 2018, Dr. Kelly interviewed Kate O’Connell TD in relation to proposed legislation concerning unproven cancer treatments.    
In the course of that interview Dr. Kelly made reference to the medical treatment for heart problems which her late father received from a qualified doctor, being chelation therapy. In doing so, Dr. Kelly stated that the doctor in question had taken her father off his cholesterol and other medications and that her father had subsequently died of a heart-attack. Dr. Kelly stated that she thought her father’s death was caused by the treatment in question.    
Newstalk and Dr. Kelly wish to take this opportunity to unconditionally withdraw the views expressed by Dr. Kelly and to apologise unreservedly to the doctor concerned.