Anti-protest group stages protest against protests

"We are a group of very unconcerned citizens..."

A new group - the Citizens Opposing Whining (or COW, for short) - have begun protesting protests.

The group held a rally earlier this week in Marquette, Wisconsin, to fight off what their founder calls 'cause fatigue.'

In an interview with a local TV station, John Taylor states that: “We are a group of very unconcerned citizens who are tied of not being able to come to the post office without some worthy cause vying for our attention and nagging at our conscience."

"We would like clear, quiet streets again so that we can be oblivious to the needs of this community and be content with our own lives."

“We feel the need to stand up for our right to not stand up for our right. It seems that our entire generation is being conscripted into protest after protest of greatly meaningful things, but no one, no one cares about those don’t care except us."