Anglo trial is told the jury is 'making progress' in deliberations

Only 11 remain after a female juror was hospitalised

Anglo Irish Bank, charge, fraud, Denis Casey, Irish Life and Permanent, Peter Fitzpatrick, Willie McAteer, John Bowe, jury

File photo showing the former Anglo Irish Bank building at St Stephen's Green, Dublin | Image:

The jury foreman in the longest running criminal trial in the history of the State has told the court they are making progress in their deliberations.

Four former bankers are accused of conspiring to defraud investors and depositors in Anglo Irish Bank over a five month period in 2008.

An extra juror on the enlarged jury was excluded by ballot just before they retired to consider verdicts - but only 11 remain after a female juror was hospitalised last week.

Judge Martin Nolan was told she could be in a position to return to the jury room next week, but it was decided to continue without her.

The jurors have been asked to consider whether a series of transactions between Anglo Irish Bank and Irish Life & Permanent were dishonest.

The prosecution claims €7.2bn passed between the banks between March and September 2008, with a view to mislead the public about Anglo's health.

If they believe the scheme was dishonest, they must then focus their attention on the four accused: former Anglo Irish Bank executives John Bowe and Willie McAteer, and former Irish Life and Permanent executives Denis Casey and Peter Fitzpatrick.

The deliberations are now in their seventh day but Judge Nolan was told this morning that the jury is making progress.