WATCH: An Post launches musical parcel service

Your postman or woman will be singing on your doorstep

WATCH: An Post launches musical parcel service

Image: YouTube/An Post

Your letters and parcels from An Post are about to land through your door with a difference.

From Sunday April 1st, mailers can send their letter, card or parcel in the normal way and have it delivered with an accompanying song to match the content of their mail.

This is to be performed live on the doorstep by their regular postman or woman.

In a statement, An Post says: "Not content with just rattling the letterbox, posties will now be hitting the high notes with, for example, ‘Happy Birthday’, ‘Congratulations’, ‘Money, Money, Money’ (for bills), and a host of other post-related chart hits.

"Postal staff have been hard at work practising their songs."

The company says accessing the new service is simple, by clicking on the company website and choosing a song and the style in which you want it to be sung

You can then print the accompanying barcode and recreate it on the item with a black felt tip pen, and pop your item in the post.

"Just imagine a birthday card delivered by a postie singing ‘Happy Birthday’, a la Marilyn Monroe or ‘Congratulations’ by Cliff Richard,” said Dublin postwoman, April Furst.

"Yes, deliveries might take a little longer and dogs might start howling at us, but sure we’ll give it a whirl.

"We’re already planning our Christmas song list".