WATCH: Amnesty send message to Trump over travel ban

The group say the new order is hate "in different packaging"

WATCH: Amnesty send message to Trump over travel ban

Image via @amnestyusa on Twitter

Human rights group Amnesty International have taken over a wall at Dulles Airport in Washington, to protest Donald Trump's new travel ban.

The revised executive order, which was signed in private on Monday, dropped Iraq from the list of countries barred from entering the United States.

But it still stops people coming from six Muslim-majority countries: Syria, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen.

According to a senior US official, Iraq was removed from the revised travel ban executive order after intensive lobbying from the Iraqi government at the highest levels.

While all refugees will be be barred for 120 days. The previous version had banned Syrian refugees indefinitely.

Mr Trump's previous order was overturned in US courts. No media was present during the signing at the White House on Monday.

Image via @amnestyusa on Twitter

But Amnesty International is asking people to oppose the new ban.

Eric Ferrero of Amnesty International USA said: "This new order is nothing more than the same hate and fear in different packaging.

"Our supporters will not stand by while anti-Muslim bigotry is written into policy.

"Too many people are living in fear and uncertainty because of this ban, and we cannot wait for the courts. Congress must repeal this hateful ban once and for all."

To drive their point home, Amnesty took over an exterior wall at Dulles International Airport with a simple message.

The projection reads: 'Same hate & fear. New packaging' - and also includes the words 'No Ban, No Wall' beside the Amnesty International logo.