Ah go on! Campaigners call for Mrs Doyle's safe return in Mayo

The Ted-themed cut-outs are part of the county council's annual road safety campaign

Ah go on! Campaigners call for Mrs Doyle's safe return in Mayo

Photo: Mayo County Council

Two life-sized cardboard cut-outs of Father Ted favourite Mrs Doyle have been stolen from the roadside in County Mayo.

The cut-outs are part of a Ted-themed road safety campaign urging drivers to take a break over the Bank Holiday Weekend and avoid driver fatigue.

The signs had slogans reminding drivers to have a cup of tea - and think about the consequences of driving tired.

The cut-outs were stolen in the last 24 hours and road safety campaigners are appealing for their safe return.

Noel Gibbons, Road Safety Officer for Mayo County Council said the campaign has the full support of Mrs Doyle herself.

"We have support from the production company of Father Ted who gave us licence to use the cut-outs," he said.

"Also the actress Pauline McLynn who played the part of Mrs Doyle in the campaign as well has given her full support for the purpose of saving lives on the roads due to the number of people that have been injured.

"Again the whole purpose of the campaign is to raise awareness around driver fatigue and to save lives."

He called on whoever took the signs to return them - adding that while the cut-outs are humorous, the campaign itself is very serious.

Research suggests driver fatigue could be a contributory factor in as many as 1-in-5 driver deaths in Ireland each year. 

The risk increases during a bank holiday weekend when there are more people on the country's roads.

There have been 95 deaths on Irish roads so far in 2017.