Aer Lingus hikes baggage prices to popular holiday spots

A 40% increase each way if you're bound for the Canaries...

Aer Lingus hikes baggage prices to popular holiday spots

A traveler collects his bag from a luggage carousel in the Philadelphia International Airport | Image: Matt Rourke / AP/Press Association Images

Aer Lingus has announced a new three-tier pricing system for checked bags that will see some charges jump by 40% per flight.

The rates of charges are now divided by 'Near', 'Mid' and 'Far destinations, with the flat fees priced by weight and static year-round, as opposed to "peak" and "off-peak".

While 'Near' charges for 15kg bags on flights to the UK, Paris, Amsterdam and Brussels will actually fall from peak rates of €25 to €15 each-way, if you're flying slightly farther afield, it will hurt your pocket.

A holiday to 'Mid' destinations such as Spain gets more expensive, for example.

Charges for 15kg bags on these flights are jumping from peak rates of €25 to a standard €35.

Meanwhile, 15kg checked bags on 'Far' routes – including popular holiday destinations such as Corfu and the Canary Islands – will climb by over 40% from 35 to €50 per flight.

Transatlantic baggage costs are unchanged.

Here's a breakdown of the new system:

Table: Aer Lingus

An Aer Lingus spokesperson stated:

"While guests travelling to 'mid' and 'far' destinations incur higher baggage fees, guests travelling to 'near' destinations in fact are paying 40% less when compared to baggage fees at the same time last year.

"Irish travellers benefit from some of the most competitive air fares across Europe...

"On short-haul we are focused on providing the lowest priced seat, and thereafter customers may choose from a menu of additional extras."

The new fees came into effect for bookings made after last Tuesday.