Achill beach which reappeared in 2017 has disappeared again

Storms have taken their toll on Dooagh beach once again...

Achill beach which reappeared in 2017 has disappeared again

Image: Google Maps

Locals on Achill Island in County Mayo have lost one of their beaches due to recent heavy storms... less than two years after it reappeared.

Dooagh beach was gone for more than 30 years before it made an unexpected but warmly welcomed return in April 2017.

It reappeared after large amounts of sand were dumped as a result of strong tides.

The story was widely covered across international media - ranging from BBC to Fox News - while locals hailed it as an "unbelievable" development.

The beach has played a major role drawing tourism and employment to the island since its reappearance.

Operations Manager at Achill Island Lifeboat, Anthony McNamara, has faith it will return yet again.

He observed: "It was there when I was a young lad growing up in Achill... it was a lovely beach. Sand was just washed away by the tide.

"Lo and behold there, a couple of years ago... it came back in its full glory. It was absolutely magnificent."

He added: "Even though it's gone,  it will come back again in time."