A fifth of Irish people would rather lose their pet than their phone

The survey also found that very few people have phone insurance

A new survey undertaken by Catalyst Market Research on behalf of insurance firm Low.ie, found that 20% of Irish people value their smartphones more than their pets.

The survey also found that Irish people spend a lot of money on their mobile phones. The majority of those who partook in the survey said they spent over €300 on their phone.

Out of those that were surveyed, a total of 75% said they currently don’t have any phone insurance. This comes at a risk though, as the survey found that 40% of people’s phones were either damaged but repairable (32.32%) or broken beyond repair (8.28%).

It seems that getting your phone repaired can be a costly experience. 25% of people surveyed said that they had to spend up to €200 to get it repaired.

Over 33% of us have also rescued our phones from the toilet while another third have left them behind in planes - taxis and hotels.

Thankfully, Low.ie are now offering all new Mortgage Protection, Life Insurance, Income Protection and Serious Illness customers free smartphone insurance for one year.

Jack Murray CEO of Media HQ.com recently spoke about how we have become so attached to our smartphones.