7 top Dublin spots with Wifi for those working on the go

Key requirements: socket, plug and a decent seat

7 top Dublin spots with Wifi for those working on the go

37 Dawson Street

From remote workers to freelancers, there’s a whole lot of us fitting our office hours into snatched slots of time between meetings, during the day in Dublin city centre. While smartphones are perfectly sufficient for social media updates, sometimes you really need a seat for an hour, with free, reliable wifi, accessible sockets and, probably most important of all, good coffee. Sue Jordan has compiled a list of her go to seven Dublin spots that fit the bill for all three.

KC Peaches

With four locations in Dublin city centre, KC Peaches are a go to recommendation from me for those looking to work on the go. Their wholefood snacks make great brain food, their coffee is top notch and their Matcha tea a specialty. Though the ground floor is usually busy, the couches upstairs in both Nassau St and Dame St are the perfect retreat to get some quiet time with seriously fast wifi. All that and they open until late, handy when meetings run over and you’re playing catch up.

Clement & Pekoe

Based in the heart of a usually bustling South William Street, the window of Clement & Pekoe is known to boast a row of laptops at any given time. Prime people watching real estate, this spot is one of my favourites when I’m working on creative writing pieces. Service is fast and friendly, the coffee is top notch but their mirad of loose leaf teas will draw you back again and again. Ideal times are morning or late afternoon to nab a spot in the window for work, it’s central location makes it ideal for waiting between meetings too.


Almost at a polar opposite to the throngs that fill Dakota bar at night, you’re pretty much guaranteed to find peace and quiet there during the the day. You can stretch out your work in the roomy booths or grab a table beside one of the very many sockets to recharge but however you choose to work, the staff at Dakota are only to happy to leave you to it. The outside space is great for a breath of fresh air and a spot of people watching, while you avail of the wifi to complete your tasks for the hour or so you choose to stay. I especially like this spot because it turns into a busy bar so quickly in the evening, perfect for meeting friends when you’ve signed off for the night.

Library Bar ~ Central Hotel

In the heart of Exchequer Street and the city centre itself is nestled one of Dublin’s best kept secrets for remote workers on the hoof. The Library Bar in Central Hotel feels more like a hushed parlour than a bar. With lavish decor and whispered clientele, their lush couches have been home to more than a few hours of my time. Strong Wifi is free throughout the hotel, strong coffee is not only reasonable but better than most bars and the staff are the most welcoming you’ll find.


Located on Lower Grand Canal St, even if I don’t have appointments set up down by the docklands I’d still make the trek for 3fe. Though the industrial style seats are far from comfortable for long stints, they are functional for short stays. Service is friendly, sockets are aplenty and the coffee is quite possibly the best in the city. They have a short menu that changes daily but food is prepared fresh, on site, daily; for that alone I’d recommend 3fe for a lunch time laptop session.

37 Dawson Street

One of my favourite Dublin bars by night, 37 Dawson St is also a surprising favourite for daytime work. The relaxed atmosphere, soft background jazz and friendly staff are not the only draw though. The window couches in the ceiling height front windows are not my favourite seats in the city for nothing. The lighting is ideal for photos, the table height ideal for work and if you don’t tell them I told you, there’s a double socket behind the couch on the left too.

Westbury Hotel

In terms of opulence, there’s no hotel I’d rather while away an hour of work on the laptop in than The Westbury. Just off Grafton Street, the busiest thoroughfare in Dublin, once you step inside the doors, you could be anywhere. Service is second to none, coffee is faultless but the minimal noise and the bright, relaxed ambience are what sells this oasis of calm (with lightening wifi) as a the one to be beaten time and again. Ideal for meeting clients either before or after an hour’s work, this centrally based, five star hotel really is the full package for busy freelancers.

It dawns on me as I complete this list that I’ve probably talked myself out of several sweet working spots as they gain popularity. Is there anywhere you would have omitted from this list? Anywhere you’d like to add? Tweet us @NTBusinessTech