50 EU politicians would welcome independent Scotland into the EU

Politicians form Germany,Malta,Greece and Slovenia say Scotland has their support

50 EU politicians would welcome independent Scotland into the EU

Image: @scotreferendum on Twitter

50 politicians from across Europe say an independent Scotland would be "most welcome" as a full member of the European Union.

They've signed a letter promising their support in ensuring any possible future transition is "swift and smooth".

The Scottish Parliament recently voted in favour of trying to get permission for a second independence referendum but the British Prime Minister says "now is not the time", with Article 50 being triggered last month. 

The group of EU politicians includes a German Green MEP Reinhard Hans Butikofer, a Malta Labour MEP Miriam Dalli, a Greek Green MP Giorgos Dimaras and a Slovenian Social Democrat MEP Tanja Fajon, have also advised that they could not "tell Scotland what path to take”.

The letter was an initiative of Scottish Green MSP Ross Greer and German Green MEP Terry Reintke.

Constitutional future

The politicians said in the letter that "Democracy and mutual respect are at the heart of the European project and so, whilst we are saddened by the vote of a small majority for the United Kingdom to leave the EU, we respect this as a democratic decision of UK citizens."

"We recognise that this was not your choice however and that Scotland voted strongly to remain within the EU.

"The question of Scotland’s constitutional future, and your relationships with the UK and the EU are for the people of Scotland to decide.

"It is not our place to tell Scotland what path you should take."

62% of Scotland voted to remain in the EU last year and the latest news comes a week after Spain’s foreign minister announced the country would not block Scotland’s attempts to apply for European Union membership.