5 tech essentials for festival season

From Body and Soul to Electric Picnic, there's plenty of live music on around the country this summer

Festival season has finally arrived. Body and Soul is happening this weekend, with Longitude and Electric Picnic taking place later in the summer. If you're heading along to any outdoor music event this summer, here are some must-have tech pieces. 

Backup battery pack

Regardless of the time of the year, a backup battery pack is a must-have for any smartphone owner. These devices have become more much affordable in recent times and help ensure your battery never goes dead. 

This is the Trust 4400mAH power bank. I purchased one last summer, and it has been a staple in my handbag ever since. It came with me to Longitude, on holiday to Spain, Electric Picnic and most recently, Slane. It's incredibly neat and has yet to let me down! It retails at €24.90. 

Festival phone - Huawei Y3

If you have an expensive smartphone it may be an idea to buy a cheap phone to keep you going for the duration of a festival. Huawei's Y3 is an affordable smartphone that is an ideal companion. It's basic in terms of features, but has a great battery life and will help connect you with your friends whilst rambling around the festival site. This phone costs less than €40 and is available in Carphone Warehouse


Swimcell cover 

This is not a pretty accessory, but it can save phone owners a lot of heartache. The Swimcell Waterproof Case (€19.95) ensures that no water gets near your beloved phone. It's incredibly handy to have if you're standing in the middle of a field in the lashing rain, but also useful to protect from spilt pints. 

Tile tracker

You don't want to spend a festival or gig running around looking for items you've missed placed, so it's worth investing in a Tile tracker. 

Tile produce items that connect to your phone via Bluetooth. If you misplace your keys or wallet, it's possible to track them down using the Tile app. There are a number of variations available, but this one for €26.99 is a good place to start. 

If you drop your keys in the sand, it's possible to enable a small alarm within the Tile app that makes the keys easier to find. 

Transport for Ireland

This is not a product that will cost you any money but is definitely something you should have on your phone. Transport for Ireland Real Time Ireland is an app, which is free on both iOS and Android.

Transport for Ireland’s app provides the user real-time data for Dublin Bus, Bus Eireann, Luas and Irish Rail. This makes travelling to any destination in Ireland extremely easy. The app allows users to set reminders for when their bus or train is approaching their stop, ensuring they are not left stranded!