4,000 Apple employees return to work following security alert

A threat was made via the garda website earlier

Thousands of Apple staff in Cork have returned to work following a suspected bomb scare earlier.

A full search of two premises by gardaí found no device.

Gardaí received an e-mail at around 8.30am this morning to say that a bomb would be going off at Apple's facilities in Hollyhill and Lavitt's Quay in Cork city centre at 10.00am.

Staff were told that the premises were being evacuated, and they were required to gathered at different assembly points.

Gardaí began a full search and risk assessment which concluded at around 11.30am.

The Army Bomb Disposal Team was not required, and the security risk was stood down.

Staff returned to work just before midday and they will be debriefed on the events.

The threat did not affect Apple's third Cork facility, which is located on the Model Farm Road.

Gardaí will be carrying out an investigation into the source of the threat.