Over 100 people injured after train derails in New York

Fire department say all the injuries are believed to be non-life threatening

Over 100 people injured after train derails in New York

Image via @FDNY on Twitter

At least 100 people have been injured after a rush hour train derailed in Brooklyn, officials have said.

Approximately 600 people were on board the train when it came off its tracks at Atlantic Terminal in New York City at around 8.30am (1.30pm Irish time).

Images from the terminal show the train tipped at an angle, with splintered wood, fire extinguishers and other debris on the floor.

New York City Fire Department tweeted to say 103 people were injured at the scene.

However all injuries are believed to be non-life threatening.

One passenger said the scene was "total chaos".

"I was getting up from my seat, there was a loud impact and I flew forward and then flew backward," she told CBS News.

She added: "There was smoke on the train, and we were sitting there in shock."

Another commuter said the train "jumped the end of the line and went right over the embankment and into a station office".

The cause of the crash at one of New York's busiest stations is under investigation.

The terminal is located at the intersection of Atlantic and Flatbush Avenues and Hanson Place in Brooklyn.

The transit hub sees commuters able to transfer for connections with 10 subway lines.

The derailment comes four months after a train crash at a station in Hoboken, New Jersey, which killed a woman and injured 114 others.