2016 was slightly warmer and drier than usual

New figures from Met Éireann put 2016 as the 17th warmest since 1990

2016 was slightly warmer and drier than usual

File photo. Image: RollingNews.ie

Last year was the 17th warmest year since 1900, according to new figures from Met Éireann. 

The highest temperature recorded in 2016 was at Mount Dillion in Co Roscommon on July 19th, with 30.4°C. Almost all annual mean air temperatures were on or slightly above their Long-term Average (LTA).

However, including December 2015, the winter of 2015/16 was the wettest on record.

The wettest day of the year was 3 October, as a slow moving front crossed the southwest of the country. Despite this, October was recorded as being the driest month compared to long-term averages, with less than half or even less the normal rainfall recorded at most of the weather stations.

February was the wettest month of 2016, with rain levels in the south "near or over double" the average rainfall.

The wettest place throughout the year was Valentia, with rainfall there 104% of the long-term average.

The Phoenix Park in Dublin was the driest, with only 91% of the long-term average rainfall falling.

Storm Imogen received the honour of having the year's strongest gust recorded at Sherkin Island in Co Cork on February 8th. A gust of 73 knots (135 km/h) was recorded, and a ten-minute wind speed of 54 knots (100 km/h).