14 people charged after meth worth €130m seized in Australia

Two seizures followed the interception of a boat off the Australian coast

14 people charged after meth worth €130m seized in Australia

Image: West Australian Police

14 people have been charged in western Australia following the seizure of meth said to be worth $200m (around €130m).

Authorities say the operation got underway following the interception of a boat off the country's coast in early May. Eight Chinese nationals - aged between 37 and 56 - were arrested.

Police suspect that the drugs were transported from the fishing boat to land via small watercraft.

In follow-up operations, police seized a total of 200kg of crystal methamphetamine at two properties in the suburbs of Perth.

WAtoday reports that it is the second largest meth bust in west Australia's history.

The Chinese nationals and six Malaysian nationals (aged between 24 and 54) have been charged with commercial drug importation offences.

WA Police Deputy Commissioner Gary Dreibergs said: “It is the job of WA Police and its partner agencies to tackle the supply of this highly addictive drug in our community. The criminal syndicates that profit from the misery caused by ‘ice’ are firmly in our sights".