1 in 5 people want to eat out on Christmas Day

A new survey says 15% of people would like to eat out on Christmas Day if more restaurants were open

1 in 5 people want to eat out on Christmas Day

A typical Christmas dinner, it seems | Photocall file photo

One in 5 people said they would eat out on Christmas Day if more restaurants were open, according to a new survey.

Currently, only 5% of Irish adults admit to eating in restaurants on Christmas Day itself. A third of people also believe that restaurants should open on Christmas Day.

The opportunity to relax and enjoy time with family was the main reason for dining out over Christmas for 71% of adults, with the stress of cooking for a group also putting off a 15% of people.

Going out for dinner during the festive season appears to be a growing modern tradition in Ireland, with 40% of Irish adults planning to dine out at least once a week over the Christmas period.

The research, conducted by OpenTable found more than half (51%) of respondents have a preference for traditional Irish fare when eating out. Chinese cuisine was a surprising second choice (14%), closely followed by Italian (13%).

Turkey and ham came out on top as the nation’s favourite Christmas foods (64%), followed by roast potatoes (31%) and stuffing (29%). Brussel sprouts came in as the least popular food. 

Commenting on the survey findings, Adrian Valeriano, Vice President Global Sales and Services at OpenTable, said: “We’ve long known that Ireland is a foodie nation and it’s interesting to see that dining out has also become ingrained in modern Christmas tradition.

"The Christmas period can prove to be stressful, especially if you are catering for a large group, so heading out to a restaurant and spending quality time with your loved ones can really enhance the festive experience."