"Flooding, slapping and David Drumm" - The Newspaper Review

Ivan and Chris take a look at the morning papers...

Irish fans at the Conor McGregor press conference in Las Vegas last night overwhelmed the speakers with their rendition of Ole Ole Ole.

Newstalk reporter Henry McKean was there and Breakfast Newstalk presenters Ivan Yates and Chris Donoghue enjoyed his audio from the event. 

Flooding, slapping and David Drumm on the front pages of the newspapers this morning.

On the front pages: 

The Irish Independent: "Facing the worst" along with photographs of people marooned by floods along the Shannon.

The Irish Times: "West braced for more flood destruction. Up to 80mm more rainfall expected as families forced to leave homes".

The Examiner: "Flood hit firms to receive €5 million within days".

Also in that paper: "Parents who slap children can be charged".

And the lead in the Times: "Drumm to remain in custody as bail attempt rejected".

Photographs too of Irish scientist William C Campbell who won the Nobel prize for medicine yesterday.

Irish Daily Mail: "Patient refuses to see a Muslim doctor".

The Irish Daily Mirror: "Dirty Old Town - horror for householders as raw sewage floats through the streets" and The Sun goes with the same story: "Apoocalypse Now".

The Herald has the extraordinary crime story of a fake security man with a fake security van that collected a lock box containing €60,000 from a business.

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