Fine Gael TD says Ireland facing a potential "ISIS situation" from the opposition

Noel Coonan is reported to have received a death threat following his comments

Fine Gael TD says Ireland facing a potential "ISIS situation" from the opposition

Fine Gael Tipperary TD Noel Coonan | Image: Oireachtas screenshot

It is claimed a Fine Gael backbencher who compared the behaviour of anti-water charge protesters and members of the opposition to Islamic State militants has received a death threat.

Deputy Noel Coonan from Tipperary was speaking in the Dáil earlier when he made the comparison, and also suggested that protesters in Dublin were "parasites" living off country people.

It is reported that he has received a death threat tonight following the comments.

Noel Coonan was speaking during the continued Dail debate on Irish Water, at which he said he welcomed the clarifications yesterday.

The Tipperary deputy said yesterday's announcement brought a sense of affordability and clarity to the water charges.

He then went on to criticise the Socialist Party and others, suggesting that "the people of Ireland have now seen what they are facing" with the Socialist-led protests.

He says some of his constituents have been "horrified" by what they have seen.

Mr Coonan added that he is concerned about elements of the opposition parties, suggesting Ireland is heading the wrong way:

Following the comments, a death threat was phoned to Deputy Coonan's Tipperary office to a staff member this evening.

Gardaí are now investigating.

Investigations are also continuing after four bomb and death threats were made against fellow Tipperary TD and Environment Minister Alan Kelly this week.

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