Valentine's Day: Is it cheaper to go abroad to celebrate?

'Paris and Milan might consider themselves the cities of love, but Dublin actually has St Valentine'
Jack Quann
Jack Quann

16.15 18 Jan 2024

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Valentine's Day: Is it cheaper...

Valentine's Day: Is it cheaper to go abroad to celebrate?

Jack Quann
Jack Quann

16.15 18 Jan 2024

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Valentine's Day is just around the corner with last-minute flower and chocolate sales likely to see an increase.

But where can you get a good deal on a romantic getaway, and is it cheaper here or abroad?

Newstalk's Josh Crosbie looked into what's out there for couples looking to celebrate on February 14th.


He told Lunchtime Live a hotel break in Ireland will cost you.

"If you want to go all-out with luxury, you're talking around €400 for Valentine's night in some of the five-star hotels in Dublin," he said.

"That's before you have your dinner or pop a bottle of bubbles.

"Some are offering chocolates or a cocktail on arrival, even a rose petal turndown service if you don't mind for €375.

"Outside of Dublin you can get four-star hotels in Galway, Kerry, Wexford for anything between €120 and €150.

"In Cork, prices tend to rise again closer to €200 for accomodation.

"Including your transport to whichever hotel you opt for, you're going to be looking around the €200 mark - then dinner with wine averaging at maybe €100.

"That's not including babysitter fees or if you're considering the day off work.

"You could be looking at anything around €300 as a ballpark for a romantic night away for Valentines".

Romance abroad

Josh said looking abroad can make a big difference.

"If you were to leave it until the weekend of Valentine's week, you can actually fly to Turkey or Morocco with seven nights accomodation for €220 per person," he said.

"You can be in Prague on Valentine's night itself for three nights accommodation with flights and accommodation for €320 each.

"That's a whole holiday, apart from the spending money, at the same cost of one nights hotel could cost you here."

Josh said there's plenty to suit the spontaneous spender as well.

"You can get flights to Paris for €80 return: fly out Wednesday, back Friday," he said.

"When it comes to accommodation you can find some budget hotels, it has to be said nothing too fancy here.

"Some two-star and three-star hotels coming in at €150/€170 for two nights.

"If you want to look at the five-star experience it's much more expensive than the five stars in Dublin.

"You can actually get a five-star for over €2,000 on Valentine's night just for one night".

'Dublin has St Valentine'

Irish Tourism Industry Confederation CEO Eoghan O'Mara Walsh said it is an important date in their calendar.

"It falls in mid-February, it's kind of the quiet winter period, so it does give a boost to hotels and restaurants," he said.

"We'd always encourage people to choose Ireland for a romantic getaway rather than thinking of going abroad.

"The remains of St Valentine are actually in the Whitefriar Street Church in Dublin.

"So, you might have Paris and Milan considering themselves the cities of love, but it's Dublin that actually has St Valentine's remains," he added.

The relics of St Valentine have been in Dublin since 1836 and were a gift from Pope Gregory XVI.

Main image: A bottle of champagne and a plate of strawberries in a hotel room, 18-9-16. Image: AsiaTravelCollection / Alamy

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