[On this day] Pakistan gains independence & British troops are deployed in Northern Ireland

1598 ”“ Nine Years War: Battle of the Yellow Ford ”“ Irish forces under Hugh O’Nei...

12.09 14 Aug 2012

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[On this day] Pakistan gains i...

[On this day] Pakistan gains independence & British troops are deployed in Northern Ireland


12.09 14 Aug 2012

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1598 ”“ Nine Years War: Battle of the Yellow Ford ”“ Irish forces under Hugh O’Neill, Earl of Tyrone, defeat an English expeditionary force under Henry Bagenal.

1816 ”“ The United Kingdom formally annexed the Tristan da Cunha archipelago, ruling them from the Cape Colony in South Africa.

1842 ”“ American Indian Wars: Second Seminole War ends, with the Seminoles forced from Florida to Oklahoma.


1880 ”“ Construction of Cologne Cathedral, the most famous landmark in Cologne, Germany, is completed.

1885 ”“ Japan’s first patent is issued to the inventor of a rust-proof paint.

1888 ”“ An audio recording of English composer Arthur Sullivan’s “The Lost Chord”, one of the first recordings of music ever made, is played during a press conference introducing Thomas Edison’s phonograph in London, England.

1893 ”“ France becomes the first country to introduce motor vehicle registration.

1901 ”“ The first claimed powered flight, by Gustave Whitehead in his Number 21.

1916 ”“ Romania declares war on Austria-Hungary, joining the Entente in World War I

1919 – About 1 million tons of ice and rock broke off of a glacier near Mont Blanc, France. Nine people were killed in the incident.

1933 ”“ Loggers cause a forest fire in the Coast Range of Oregon, later known as the first forest fire of the Tillamook Burn. It is extinguished on September 5, after destroying 240,000 acres (970 km2).

1941 ”“ World War II ”“ Winston Churchill and Franklin D. Roosevelt sign the Atlantic Charter of war stating postwar aims.

1945 ”“ Japan accepts the Allied terms of surrender in World War II and the Emperor records the Imperial Rescript on Surrender (August 15 in Japan Standard Time).

1947 ”“ Pakistan gains Independence from the British Empire and joins the Commonwealth of Nations.

1959 ”“ Founding and first official meeting of the American Football League.

1967 ”“ UK Marine Broadcasting Offences Act declares participation in offshore pirate radio illegal.

1969 ”“ Operation Banner: British troops are deployed in Northern Ireland.

1972 ”“ An East German Ilyushin Il-62 crashes during takeoff from East Berlin, killing 156.

1974 ”“ The second Turkish invasion of Cyprus begins; 140,000 to 200,000 Greek Cypriots become refugees. 6,000 massacred, 1,619 missing.

1987 ”“ All the children held at Kia Lama, a rural property on Lake Eildon, Australia, run by the Santiniketan Park Association, are released after a police raid.

1994 ”“ Ilich Ramírez Sánchez, also known as “Carlos the Jackal,” is captured.

1996 ”“ Greek Cypriot refugee Solomos Solomou is murdered by Turkish forces while trying to climb a flagpole in order to remove a Turkish flag from its mast in the United Nations Buffer Zone in Cyprus.

1997 – William Friedkin received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

2003 ”“ Widescale power blackout in the northeast United States and Canada.

2005 ”“ Helios Airways Flight 522 en route from Larnaca, Cyprus via Athens, Greece to Prague, Czech Republic crashes near Athens, with at least 121 onboard. Observations from Greek fighter aircraft indicate a decompression problem.

2006 ”“ Chencholai bombing in which 61 Tamil girls are killed in Sri Lankan Airforce bombing.

2007 ”“ The 2007 Kahtaniya bombings kills at least 796 people.

2010 ”“ The first-ever Youth Olympic Games are held in Singapore.


1688 ”“ Frederick William I of Prussia (d. 1740)

1714 ”“ Claude Joseph Vernet, French painter (d. 1789)

1740 ”“ Pope Pius VII (d. 1823)

1863 ”“ Ernest Thayer, American poet (d. 1940)

1867 ”“ John Galsworthy, Nobel Prize Laureate (d. 1933)

1871 ”“ Guangxu Emperor, Qing Emperor of China (d. 1908)

1876 ”“ Alexander I of Serbia, King of Serbia (d. 1903)

1881 ”“ Francis Ford, American actor (d. 1953)

1892 ”“ Kaikhosru Shapurji Sorabji, English composer and pianist (d. 1988)

1926 ”“ Alice Ghostley, American actress (d. 2007)

1926 ”“ Buddy Greco, American singer and pianist

1926 ”“ Lina Wertmüller, Italian film director

1932 ”“ Lee Hoffman, American author (d. 2007)

1936 ”“ Trevor Bannister, British actor (d. 2011)

1941 ”“ David Crosby, American musician

1941 ”“ Connie Smith, American singer

1942 ”“ Jackie Oliver, British Formula One driver

1945 ”“ Steve Martin, American actor and comedian

1945 ”“ Wim Wenders, German-born film director

1946 ”“ Antonio Fargas, American actor

1946 ”“ Susan Saint James, American actress

1946 ”“ Larry Graham, American musician

1947 ”“ Peter Christian, British actor

1947 ”“ Danielle Steel, American novelist

1950 ”“ Gary Larson, American cartoonist (The Far Side)

1960 ”“ Sarah Brightman, British soprano

1961 ”“ Susan Olsen, American actress

1965 ”“ Emmanuelle Béart, French actress

1966 ”“ Halle Berry, American actress

1968 ”“ Darren Clarke, Northern Irish golfer

1968 ”“ Adrian Lester, British actor

1969 ”“ Tracy Caldwell, American astronaut

1969 ”“ DJ Uncle Al, American hip-hop DJ (d. 2001)

1978 ”“ Greg Rawlinson, New Zealand rugby player

1979 ”“ Jérémie Bréchet, French footballer

1983 ”“ Mila Kunis, Ukrainian/American actress

1983 ”“ Spencer Pratt, American socialite

1984 ”“ Giorgio Chiellini, Italian footballer

1984 ”“ Nick Grimshaw, British radio DJ and television presenter

1985 ”“ Christian Gentner, German footballer

1985 ”“ Digão, Brazilian footballer

1987 ”“ James Buckley, English actor

1989 ”“ Florian Abel, German footballer

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