'I'm so grateful' - Woman reunited with parents ashes after luggage went missing

Donna O'Connor arrived from Chicago at the end of June - but her baggage with her parents ashes did not
Jack Quann
Jack Quann

15.18 28 Jul 2022

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'I'm so grateful' - Woman reun...

'I'm so grateful' - Woman reunited with parents ashes after luggage went missing

Jack Quann
Jack Quann

15.18 28 Jul 2022

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An American woman has thanked the people of Ireland - and one airport worker in particular - for reuniting her with her parents lost ashes.

Donna O'Connor arrived from Chicago via Toronto at the end of June, and had planned to scatter the remains of her Irish-American parents in Co Mayo.

Instead, she has spent her time here in a desperate bid to locate her baggage.


She then found out the suitcase had actually been sent back to her home in the United States.

But Donna told Lunchtime Live an airport employee heard her pleas earlier this month.

"It was someone that I met from your show - his name is Dermot and he works at Dublin Airport.

"He kept looking for the luggage for me, and then texted me and said 'I think your luggage is coming in on a United flight, and I'm going to meet that flight and make sure that it gets to a courier and gets to you. Where are you now?'"

Donna O'Connor's parents are seen in a family photo

Donna says she doesn't believe she would have her luggage back but for people's help.

"I was in Maynooth, because I left Dublin after about eight or nine days.

"And he got it out to me, and I'm so grateful to Dermot.

"I have texted with him and you passed my number along to him.

"I don't believe I would have the luggage without the people in Ireland helping me with this.

"It wasn't Air Canada, it was all the support and kindness that I got in Ireland that brought them back to me".

'Thrilled to get them back'

Donna says she has since scattered her parents ashes in their ancestral home.

"We're so happy to get my parents ashes back, and it took about two and a half weeks.

"But I was thrilled to get them back, and attended mass with my parents ashes with me.

"I'm now in Mayo, in Castlebar, and have spread their ashes as well".

Donna adds: "There's not a nicer population of people than in Ireland - they're just very welcoming and kind and generous.

"It's them that's held me up throughout".

She told Newstalk earlier this month: "I got a voicemail saying my baggage was being sent to my house in Illinois, which they hope is the right place.

"And I tried to call the number back and say 'I'm in Ireland, I need the baggage in Ireland'.

"I just got a recording that no one was available to talk - and I called my home, and they've seen nothing of the luggage.

"So I'm desperate to find out where this luggage is".

Main image: Donna O'Connor. Picture: Supplied

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