HSE management 'have their heads in the sand' over bullying, worker claims

'A very lost HSE middle management employee' writes to Lunchtime Live.
Jack Quann
Jack Quann

19.13 11 Apr 2023

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HSE management 'have their hea...

HSE management 'have their heads in the sand' over bullying, worker claims

Jack Quann
Jack Quann

19.13 11 Apr 2023

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One HSE worker has claimed management at the health service 'have their heads in the sand' around bullying.

It comes as the HSE's National Investigation Unit (NIU) has reportedly launched probes into 83 cases of workplace bullying, sexual harassment and harassment in three years.

The Sunday Independent said they include 10 formal investigations into sexual harassment, with three complaints being upheld so far.


Fifteen formal investigations into bullying were also upheld.

One worker, who calls themselves 'A very lost HSE middle management employee', wrote to Lunchtime Live.

The show has been documenting reports since January of workers who say they have bullied.

The anonymous letter comes from somebody who works in the HR department.

"There is days I am so frustrated and embarrassed at how incidents are handled, or rather not handled," they wrote.

"I feel so bad for staff, especially junior staff in support, clerical, HSCP, nursing roles because if they say anything they will be treated differently.

"Management are like ostriches with their heads in the sand.

"They would rather look after management than the staff raising the issue.

"I know from myself in the past raising that when you do, you are held back.

"You will be ignored or put back into your box, and you won't be considered or given a chance when it comes to job promotions as you are seen as someone who will cause trouble and that's not fair".

'How is that fair?'

The worker also criticised the recruitment process as "long winded", adding: "Chances are before you even do the interview, they have the person picked.

"If they have someone in the job they are going to look after them".

"I have put myself through interviews where I know I won't get the job, but I am trying to improve my interview skills and I want to develop my career.

"When you do the interview you will see managers PA's or staff working in their office going for interviews and then they get the jobs.

"How is that fair? That manager shouldn't even be interviewing that person".

'It really is a problem'

The worker claims so-called 'grade jumpers' within the HSE are keeping others out.

"I went for interviews that were run nationally and I got on panels," they said.

"The problem is the interviews that are run internally, or even if they are put on nationally, they will pick the person they want.

"Its management within the areas are controlling it... it really is a problem [with] the whole interview process.

"At the moment in the HSE there are so many managers who are grade jumping and they have no interest in the jobs - while there is people out there who would love the job, but they don't even make the panel.

"How is that fair?"

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